a short (2 min.) whiteboard video tells the FIRSTEP story.

FIRSTEP works with health organizations searching for fresh insights to reduce disruption risk and spark new opportunities for growth. Our job is to help them see the forces of disruption through the lens of start-ups and innovators in the space. It's a genuinely fresh perspective and a remarkably effective way to discover new opportunities for investment & innovation.

We promise a fresh perspective, but how do you know we have something worthwhile to say?  One way is to take a look at some of our past EDGE-INSIGHTS videos.  In each episode, we unpack the thinking behind one of the learnings that we consider to be important for anyone developing innovative new apps and services for health.

This first video unpacks the thinking behind insight #1 (or 26) - HEALTH, WELLNESS & BETTERMENT view now

We're part of a vibrant community of health innovators (start-ups & enterprise) and we regularly share EDGE-INSIGHTS into the disruptive forces in health. Sign up here if you'd like to join in the journey.

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The EDGE-INSIGHTS video series unpacks the foundational thinking first shared in a book that we released after our initial deep-dive into the disruptive forces in Digital Health. Click here to access the book in either a hard cover or digital form.

If you're focused on developing an innovative new product or service in one of the areas of focus that we're currently working on, you may be able to go through the FIRSTEP process for free.  We're currently working on three themes:

1. Precision Medicine
2. Consumer Health
3. Platforms in Health

If you're interested in learning more, let's talk (john@firstep.ca)