We've reviewed the learnings from our first year of DeepDives and distilled the key insights into a single place for health innovators to tap-in to this fresh thinking.  You can find the digital version at www.firstep.ca/insightbooks.

Throughout the spring of 2016, FIRSTEP worked with TELUS HEALTH INNOVATIONS to host DeepDive into the disruptive forces shaping health (this DeepDive included a sub-theme on pharmacogenomics).  As with all of our DeepDives, this project included numerous immersive sessions where both enterprise leaders and edge-innovators explored their foundational thinking about how the key forces are most likely to unfold. 

In this book, we recap the objectives and results of the cohort, share a view on how digital health is likely to unfold (based on cohort conclusions), and 26 ‘EDGE-INSIGHTS’ that emerged.  In our view, these are important concepts for all health innovators, since edge-thinking sparks most of teh disruptive innovation in health.

Beats, Beat AI

A very interesting article from the Verge (if you happen to have a passion for both music and AI... and who doesn’t?) The main take-away for me, was a very clear glimpse into the boundary between human and artificial intelligence.  Spoiler alert – there are some things that computers simply can’t do, but when you give skilled humans the right AI tools, you create a potent force (I suspect we’ll see a lot of that in the digital health world). 


We often provide this post as suggested reading for all of the innovators and entrepreneurs that participate in FIRSTEP Cohorts, so it only seemed fair to share it here (highly recommended for anyone trying to thrive in a fast moving space)