We've reviewed the learnings from our first year of DeepDives and distilled the key insights into a single place for health innovators to tap-in to this fresh thinking.  You can find the digital version at www.firstep.ca/insightbooks.

Throughout the spring of 2016, FIRSTEP worked with TELUS HEALTH INNOVATIONS to host DeepDive into the disruptive forces shaping health (this DeepDive included a sub-theme on pharmacogenomics).  As with all of our DeepDives, this project included numerous immersive sessions where both enterprise leaders and edge-innovators explored their foundational thinking about how the key forces are most likely to unfold. 

In this book, we recap the objectives and results of the cohort, share a view on how digital health is likely to unfold (based on cohort conclusions), and 26 ‘EDGE-INSIGHTS’ that emerged.  In our view, these are important concepts for all health innovators, since edge-thinking sparks most of teh disruptive innovation in health.