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(and 26 key insights for health innovators)

We recently completed a 6-month project, exploring the forces of disruption in digital health. The goal was to see the forces through a fresh lens. We did a deep-dive with many (15) promising start-ups & innovators in the space, and the experience had a profound impact on our foundational thinking about how the digitization process is most likely to unfold in the health space.  It was a bit like drinking from a fire hose of insights, and attempted to capture the key learnings in a recent book for health innovators and have also released a series of short videos (one for each of the edge-insight shared in the book).

This is the first video in the series. In it, Dr. Brendan Byrne (Chief innovation Officer for TELUS Health) shares the backstory on the project and unpacks the thinking behind the DIGITAL HEALTH STACK... a key concept for anyone developing innovative apps & services for health.

We've put all of the EDGE-INSIGHTS videos (26 in total) in a single library to make it easier to find the specific topics that most interest you.

*The Digital Health Insights Book is shared with generous support of TELUS Ventures, our partner on the project.  

The EDGE-INSIGHTS video series unpacks the foundational thinking first shared in a book that we released after our initial deep-dive into the disruptive forces in Digital Health. Click here to access the book in either a hard cover or digital form.


FIRSTEP works with health organizations searching for fresh insights that spark new opportunities for growth.  Our job is to help them see the forces of disruption through the lens of start-ups and innovators in the space.  It's a genuinely fresh perspective and a remarkably effective way to discover new opportunities for investment & innovation.

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