Each time we do a DeepDive with edge-innovators focussed focussed on a specific area of disruptive innovation in health, we get exposed to a tsunami of fresh thinking and insights.  We share these with our DeepDive Partners and annual members, but once a year we lock ourselves away and distill the learnings across all of the DeepDive's into a book and video series that we can share with all health innovators.  Yes... using a hardcover book to distill edge-thinking does add a touch of irony, but we like the idea of locking down the foundational thinking at a moment in time (knowing full well that it will change at the speed of health innovation).   

Our initial book focused on the impact of digitization across digital health (with a sub-theme on pharmacogenomics).  We went deep into the disruptive forces through the lens of 15 health startups and edge-innovators, and came away with 26 individual insights that we consider to be foundational to the success of anyone innovating in the health, wellness and betterment area.  

This is our first book. In it, we re-cap the process and present the key insights, and share some foundational thinking from some of the most promising innovators in health.  

OPEN USE - We worked closely with TELUS Health on this project, and it is with their generous support that we are able to share this edge-thinking openly. We do so in tribute to all health innovators investing their heartbeats to make the world a healthier place.  In that spirit, you are free to share the link, or to capture and share parts of the content (text, visuals, concepts etc.) openly and without restriction... all we ask is that you reference the 'TELUS/FIRSTEP Digital Health Cohort' as the source*.  




In support of the book, we have released 26 individual videos, each one unpacking one of the key insight presented in the book. Each video is a 4 to 6 minute interview, where Brendan Byrne, Chief Innovation Officer for TELUS Health, shares his perspective on what the insight really means, and why it's important for anyone delivering solutions (apps, services, technologies) in the health, wellness or betterment space.

Here's a couple to get of links to get you started:
EDGE-INSIGHT Introduction