WHO - This briefing is appropriate for innovation leaders in traditional healthcare organizations & for technology companies creating disruptive new health and wellness app’s and services.

WHY - If you care about health innovation, digital marketplaces should be one of your top priorities… they are emerging as one most disruptive forces in health and they provide a compelling opportunity for health organizations to exponentially accelerate their digital strategy.

WHAT - This is not a typical research report. Instead of rehashing the usual data from the usual ‘experts’, we focused on learning from the disruptors themselves. Over the past year and a half, we have spent hundreds of hours with promising health startups, immersing ourselves in their foundational thinking on how the forces shaping the health marketplace revolution are most likely to unfold over the next few years. What emerged was a genuinely fresh collection of fresh insights which we’ve distilled into ‘first principles’ and ten immediately actionable recommendations.

BENEFITS Packed with fresh insights, first-principles reasoning and actionable recommendations, this briefing is a remarkably effective way to stress-test assumptions, hone your thesis and build internal alignment on where to place bets to ensure that your organization thrives in the coming health marketplace revolution. In addition to reducing disruption risk and sparking fresh insights, you can expect to:

-        stress-test assumptions & inject fresh thinking
-        identify previously unseen disruption risks
-        discover new opportunities for growth &investment
-        build internal alignment on where (and why) to place bets


Private Briefing* 
(in-person or remote)
*includes written report

Written Report
(with video links)

Executive Summary
(with recommendations)

If you are like most enterprise leaders, you know that startup innovation is worth paying attention to, but you cannot afford to spend hundreds of hours trying to unpack their thinking, so we have done it for you. We’ve distilled 18 months of facilitated discussions with promising, marketplace focused health startups into a ½ day briefing that gives you a crash-course on how innovative startups think the forces shaping the health marketplace revolution are most likely to unfold.

Digital Marketplaces (platforms) have disrupted countless industries by removing friction between consumers and innovative new apps and services (app stores, Uber, Air B&B, Upwork, etc.). Healthcare will also be disrupted by digital marketplaces, but it will unfold differently because health is poised to become one of the first true multi-market ecosystems.

On one level, the impact of digital marketplaces in health will be quite familiar…Health & Wellness Marketplaces will play a central role in consumer discovery and they will accelerate the explosion of disruptive new apps and services. That said, health marketplaces will evolve in a different direction than what we’ve seen in other industries. Disruptive health innovations have a deep reliance on sensors, machine learning and data interoperability to unlock value, but healthcare is legendary for slow adoption, rigid compliance requirements and hardened data silos.

Emerging innovations offer far too much value to ignore, but the inertia in health is so strong that individual apps and services can’t hope to solve the data-silo problem on their own. That is exactly the sort of tension that digital marketplaces have capitalized on in so many other industries, and exactly the tension that makes digital marketplaces so compelling for the health industry!

Our conclusion after this DeepDive was simple… health and wellness marketplaces (platforms) are emerging faster and will be more disruptive than most healthcare organizations realize.


One way to prepare for the health marketplace revolution would be to hire the usual experts and diligently follow their recommendations. That would be helpful to a point, but there are two problems: 1) your competitors are getting the same advice, so the echo-chamber is hard to avoid 2) this wave of disruption will not come from the incumbents and experts at the core, it will come from startups and innovators on the edges of health, wellness & bettermen.

Here are two of the reasons why this project focused on understanding how startups and edge-innovators see the forces of disruption unfolding:
1) the forces of disruption dictate what is possible (get this wrong and you simply can’t win)
2) seeing the forces through the startup lens makes it easier to understand where and why they choose to place different bets… edge-thinking is literally the window into disruptive innovation.