Beautiful view, brick and beam meeting space in Gastown

Looking to rent a truly awesome meeting room? 

We created STRATEGY CORNER because we were tired of crappy meeting spaces and we pulled out all the stops to make this a fabulous space.  We're not selfish though, so when we're not using it we make it available for rent to start-ups and innovators who have an important meeting / presentation and want a properly kitted out meeting space.  

It's a spacious room (4m x 5m) and we didn't over-stuff it with chairs (because that 'too many chair thing' is painful)
We've done everything we can think of to optimize for collaborative meetings, in particular those that combine a small in-person group (4 to 6) with remote participants logging in for video conference + presentation sharing.  

The view is awesome, the connectivity is rock solid, and we haven't skimped on any of the little things that make the difference with a proper meeting space.  That means that you can expect multi-screens that work / a full suite of dongles / great sound / markers that actually work (you know... the stuff you'd have if it was your meeting room).  On top of that, we've partnering with The Profile (a co-working leader in Vancouver) so also get reception support / kitchens / etc. (oh yeah... it's first-class all the way).

We're located on the second floor in the Landing (375 Water St.), right in the heart of historic Gastown, right beside Waterfront station so it's easy to train in from the airport (or anywhere in the lower mainland). 

Our partnership with The Profile makes this easy:
MORE INFO - (+1.604.637.9725)

$100.-/hr with a 2 hour minimum, and additional discounts for bigger commimtents
(we've checked around... it's a bargain:)

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